Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The mystery of Santana Gaona

On October 22, 2011 Santana Gaona, illegal alien shot and killed Jesse Benavides. Mr. Benavides was attending a family gathering when Santana who was acquainted with this family, made his unwelcome appearance. It is alleged by the victim’s brother that Jesse had escorted Santana back to his car when Santana killed him.
Sadly, this murder never should have happened. Seven weeks earlier, on August 30 Santana Gaona was arrested and charged with rape and being an illegal alien. He was facing deportation hearings. He was not eligible for bail. A strange thing happened along the way. The rape charges were suddenly dropped and federal officials halted the deportation process and set him free!

“Federal immigration officials say they can’t reveal why Gaona was set free before the murder. They won’t even say which law enforcement agency requested his release.”[1]

The question now is who in the Federal government made such a request? Would this be a dereliction of duty for the director of homeland Security? Could it be the infamous Attorney General who has acquired quite a reputation for confronting the Border States on immigration and is now denying firsthand knowledge of the gun running operation known as “Fast

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